Vending Machine Selling Edible Insects Is A Hit

This Japanese vending machine stocked with edible insects including beetles and crickets has become a hit selling around 500 units per month.

The insect-filled vending machine is located in the city of Kumamoto in the Japanese prefecture of the same name and has gained popularity with the locals.

The vending machine that sells insects was placed in the city of Kumamoto, in October 2018

The vending machine sells 10 different products of edible insects including diving beetles. Japanese rhinoceros beetles, mole crickets and pupae, a life stage in some insects moving between immature and mature stages.

A protein bar made from crickets costs 700 JPY (5.05 GBP) while a packet of the the reportedly popular Salted Crickets is priced at 1,300 JPY (9.38 GBP).

Tomoda Toshiyuki, 34, who owns a specialist balloon shop, installed the machine with the idea of seeing if locals would become interested in eating bugs, according to reports.

Local media report he was shocked at the popularity of the products, with the vending machine selling over 500 units in a month, making around 500,000 JPY (3,605 GBP).

The vending machine that sells insects was placed in the city of Kumamoto, in October 2018

Toshiyuki says the popular crickets taste similar to prawns and recommends eating them “with mayonnaise or a dash of red pepper”.

The vending machine owner said the giant water bugs and diving beetles are recommended for “more adventurous customers”.

He added that he is actually scared of creepy crawlies but has no problems eating them.

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Story By: Alex CopeSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: AsiaWire


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