Vaccinated Nurse Tests Positive For COVID Along With 4 Patients

A vaccinated nurse and four patients have tested positive for COVID-19 at a hospital in Italy.

The nurse, whose name was not disclosed, was vaccinated as a health worker and had already received the second dose at the end of January at Civic Hospital in the city of Palermo on the Italian island of Sicily.

She was reportedly asymptomatic and only found out she was positive during routine checks for medical staff.

The nurse and four infected patients are in good condition and are currently not experiencing any serious health issues.

None of them seem to have the typical symptoms associated with COVID-19.

It is unclear if the nurse infected the patients or vice versa, but the hospital assures that the situation is under control.

Swab tests were performed in a whole ward and all swabs from other patients and staff turned out to be negative.

Hospital staff explained that vaccinated people have antibodies but nothing prevents them from coming into contact with the virus or spreading it.

However, thanks to the vaccination even if the virus enters the airways and starts replicating it will not be able to develop into a disease because the immune system is better prepared.

The medical staff noted: “This is why vaccination is so crucial.”

As a precaution, no new hospitalisations are accepted at the moment.

The management of the hospital commented: “We are carefully following the progress of the situation.”

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Story By: Tijana Milikj, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

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