US Coast Guard Rescues 7 In Capsized Vessel Off Florida

This is the dramatic moment the US Coast Guard rescues seven people from a capsized vessel off the coast of Florida.

The incident took place near the seaport of Port Manatee at the entrance to Tampa Bay in the county of Manatee located in the US state of Florida.

The video was shared on Twitter by the USCG (US Coast Guard) Southeast on 20th September where it has been widely circulated.

Credit: Newsflash

The coast guard accompanied the clip with the message: “A USCG Station Saint Petersburg (Florida city) crew rescued 7 from a capsized vessel half a mile east off Delta Cut and safely transferred them to Port Manatee where emergency services awaited.

“After being evaluated, they were reported to be in good condition.”

In the footage, coast guard rescuers are seen extending a line to a group of people in the water or sitting on the capsized vessel’s underside.

As they pull in one victim, a rescuer tells the others to “not let go” of the capsized boat.

After helping up the sailor, the coast guard officials turn their attention to two other people being pulled towards their rescue boat while the others wait their turn.

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorJames King,  Agency: Newsflash

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