UK Blogger And Terminally-Ill GF Travel Around World

This award-winning British blogger and his terminally-ill girlfriend are embarking on a round-the-world trip as she battles breast cancer.

German national Sabrina Wulf, 33, met her British boyfriend Kash Bhattacharya in a pub in 2017 and immediately fell in love with him.

Credit: CEN/@janus_void
Kash and Sabrina in the Spanish city of Seville

In 2016, Kash won the National Geographic’s travel blogger of the year award and he also documents his experiences on social media and his popular website,

Sabrina was first diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 23 when her right breast was amputated and her left one enucleated, followed by chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Two years ago, Sabrina left her apartment, sold her furniture and quit her job as a nurse so that she could join Kash on a dream trip around the world.

However, she learned that her cancer had returned, and that this time she would not survive it.

Sabrina said: “I did not know how to tell Kash that I’m dying. I feared that he would leave me.”

She persuaded her doctors to let her fly for a month and take her medication with her.

Credit: CEN/@janus_void
Sabrina in the German mountain resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen

When the couple arrived in Thailand, the first stop on their world trip, Sabrina was suffering so much from the side effects of barely being able to move that she became depressed.

Sabrina said: “It was not easy for Kash, he imagined the time with me differently. More free. I told him, if you want to go then go now. Later, I will not be able to handle this anymore.”

However, Kash wanted to stay with Sabrina and he took her back to Berlin to undergo alternative treatments.

After working for a while to pay for her health insurance, she finally decided to quit her nursing job again.

She said: “I do not want to waste time on night duties and tired days.”

Following in the footsteps of her caring boyfriend, Sabrina now chronicles her travels with Kash as a vlogger (video blogger).

She said: “I want to experience quality time and leave something valuable to others. Open new worlds to you through my travel videos and thoughts.”

Credit: CEN/@janus_void
Kash and Sabrina

The couple has since travelled to Malaysia, Latvia, Canada and the UK – despite not knowing how long Sabrina still has to live. She also still manages to fly back to Berlin regularly to undergo treatment.

Sabrina said: “I do not organise my life around my illness, but the other way round. Some doctors thought that was funny. I had to carry on, negotiate what happens and what I do not want to happen.

“I can only encourage other patients to do the same. Everyone thinks they have the time, but nobody really knows.”

Meanwhile, Kash is more than happy to spend his time travelling around the world with his brave girlfriend and he regularly shows his love for her in social media posts.

He wrote: “Nobody excites me, makes me happier and challenges me more than her. It’s a cliche, but every day with her is truly an adventure.

Credit: CEN/@budgettraveller
Sabrina on the Millennium Bridge in London

“We have a life full of many challenges, I won’t gloss over it, even if it’s Instagram and I’ve had a few glasses of wine, sometimes we drive each other mad and really hate each other. And that’s cool. That’s life. It’s doesn’t matter – I have so many happy memories.

“More than the memories, the greatest feeling of being loved is being understood and accepted for you who you are – with all your faults and good things. Sabrina offers me all that and more.”

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