Two Elephants Find Love With Each Other After Years Of Receiving Abuse In Circus

Two elephants finding love with each other at a wildlife sanctuary after being rescued from abusive circuses.

Elephants Big Boy and Bireki once again found joy in life while sharing a romantic meet-and-greet at their enclosures in Ostok Sanctuary in Sinaloa, Mexico.

The two were caught being very affectionate with each other by intertwining their trunks as they reached through the metal fence that separates them.


Experts with the sanctuary claim elephants will often use their trunks to greet each other, and Bireki and Big Boy are no exception.

Their keepers were apparently touched that the two are finally able to have peaceful lives and were seemingly in love after years of alleged abuse while being circus animals.

The two elephants in love had already become famous in Mexico, Big Boy for experiencing alleged mistreatment while living with a circus, and Bireki was famous for being the first Asian elephant to be born on Mexican territory.

The elephants Bireki and Big Boy unite trunks in Ostok Sanctuary in Sinaloa, Mexico, undated. Both elephants have been rescued. (@ostoksanctuary/Newsflash)

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