Tragedy As Three-Month-Old Chokes On Mum’s Breast Milk

A three-month-old baby has died after choking on his mother’s breast milk.

The victim was identified as Lucas Nunes from Balneario Rincao, Santa Catarina State, southern Brazil.

His devastated mum, Jennifer Vasconcellos, took to social media to reveal that the infant had fatally choked on phlegm and breast milk on 1st May.

She wrote online: “My son, what pain.”

Little Lucas’s funeral was held at the mortuary chapel of the Lagoa dos Freitas cemetery in Balneario Rincao on the same day.

He was buried the next morning.

In addition to his mother, Lucas leaves behind two siblings.

Netizens have been leaving their messages of condolences for the grieving family.

The most common reason a baby chokes during breastfeeding is that milk is coming out faster than the baby can swallow.

Usually, this happens when the mother has an oversupply of milk.

Experts recommend nursing in a laid-back position to reverse gravity’s effect, pulling the baby off the breast every once in a while to help it catch its breath and slow down, and lying on one’s side so the baby can allow milk to dribble out of its mouth when it flows too quickly.

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Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

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