Tarni The Randy New Koala Wastes No Time Looking For A Date

These images show a male koala joining other members of its species at a zoo in Switzerland that include a female, with the cute animal apparently wasting no time to call out to its potential mate Maisy.

The randy koala can be seen being released into its new surroundings, before munching on leaves and even leaping from one tree to another.

Zoo Zurich, Nicole Schnyder/Newsflash

Then the images show the koala taking a nice nap before it starts bellowing in a typical koala communication with a mate.

Koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) very often bellow when they are trying to attract a mate, with the zoo confirming that the name of the game is to get the species, which are listed as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, to breed.

Newsflash obtained the images from the Zurich zoo in Switzerland, with them saying that the female koala is called Maisy. They also said in a statement: “Today the Australia House opens its doors to zoo visitors again.

“With Tarni, a new koala has moved in. The newly planted Australia House offers the perfect accommodation for him and other endangered species.”

Male koala Uki poses in his new plant paradise, undated photo.
(Zoo Zurich, Nikon, Maria Schmid/Newsflash)

They added that they have redone the interior of the Australian facility over the last few months, adding that the Kuala home “offers the opportunity to breed various endangered animal species and to campaign for their conservation.”

The zoo added: “In recent months, the indoor areas of the Australia House have been replanted and equipped with additional, larger plants. This makes the animals’ homes even greener and more natural. The panes used, which go all the way up to the ceiling, support the climatic conditions for the plants in the facility.

“The newly planted eucalyptus forest has been created for the koalas. With Tarni, who arrived from Duisburg in May, and Uki, who was born here, Zurich Zoo now has two males. Due to the division of the facility, all animals can be kept separate from each other.

“Separation mainly affects the two males, as they are territorial by nature and do not tolerate other males. Thanks to the arrival of Tarni, Zurich Zoo will hopefully soon be able to celebrate breeding successes. Another female will be added to the stock in the next few months. In exchange, male Uki will then leave Zurich Zoo.”

Image shows female koala Maisy, undated photo.
(Zoo Zurich, Nikon, Maria Schmid/Newsflash)

The Zoo added: “The koala is considered an endangered species in Australia, which makes successful breeding in zoos all the more important. Zurich Zoo is part of the European conservation breeding program EEP for koalas and recorded the first koala birth in Switzerland with Uki.”

The zoo said that they have made a number of changes to their Australia House, saying: “In addition to the koalas, the population of the other residents in the Australia House has also changed. Instead of the giant monitors, pinecone lizards and rock monitors, the Exuma whorl-tailed iguana and the Savu python complete the house.

“This change in stocking is based on the decision to mainly keep endangered animals and thereby strengthen species protection. Both the Exuma whorl-tailed iguana subspecies and the Savu python are endangered.”

Image shows male koala Tarni, undated photo.
(Zoo Zurich, Enzo Franchini/Newsflash)

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

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