Tanker Runs Aground And Causes Huge Black Sea Oil Spill

This footage shows a massive tanker that has tilted onto its side reportedly causing a huge oil spill after running aground in the Black Sea.

The accident took place off the Black Sea coast of the Ukrainian city of Odessa and images show a tanker named Delfi turned onto one side after it was reportedly battered by a storm, which caused it to break its moorings and run aground.

Video Credit: CEN/@Zootrop

The water has reportedly flooded the tanker’s holds, as well as the captain’s cabin. At the time the images were taken three crew members were reportedly still on-board the tanker.

According to local media they refused to leave the Delfi when the storm began for fer they would be docked wages by the ship’s owners.

When rescuers finally reached the ship, the tanker’s 60-year-old captain, who has not been named, was reportedly found unconscious and suffering from hypothermia.

Credit: CEN/@Zootrop
The ship in the ocean on it’s side

All crew members apart from the senior mechanic have now been released from hospital, according to reports.

Local environmentalists reportedly have a major concern over a massive oil spill, which exceeds the norms by 160 times. It is unclear exactly how much oil has spilled.

Video Credit: CEN/@Zootrop

Reportedly the tanker’s owner, whose name has not been disclosed, cannot be reached despite them technically being responsible for taking care of the spill.

The administration of the city of Odessa will have to take care of the environmental damage if the owner cannot be contacted.

The tanker was sailing under the Moldovan flag.

Credit: CEN/@Zootrop
The ship in the ocean on it’s side

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Story By:  Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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