Swiss Zoo Welcomes Two Protected Gecko Species To Mark International Day For Biological Diversity

A zoo in Switzerland has introduced two protected gecko species into their terrarium to mark the International Day for Biological Diversity.

The Zurich Zoo, in Switzerland, received the short-headed Day Gecko (Phelsuma breviceps) and Standing’s day gecko (Phelsuma standingi) within their facilities on 21st May.

Hailing from the forests of Madagascar, both species are designated as ‘Vulnerable’ on the IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species.

In order to create a familiar environment for them, the zoo said they have successfully recreated their natural habitat within the terrarium.

Zurich Zoo, Nicole Schnyder/Newsflash

Zoo officials said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “As a nature conservation center, Zurich Zoo is committed to the preservation of various gecko species.

“In addition to rainforest dwellers, there are also species that are particularly well adapted to dry habitats.

“With the creation of a new dry forest habitat in the Exotarium, Zurich Zoo can now keep two new species: short-headed Day Gecko and Standing’s day gecko.

“Together with the yellow-headed day gecko, which is also kept in the exotarium and is highly endangered in the wild, Zurich Zoo would like to contribute to the long-term protection of all three gecko species through successful breeding.”

There are reportedly more than 2,000 gecko species worldwide, 21 per cent of which are considered endangered, the zoo said.

Image shows a standing’s day gecko, undated photo. It was brought at the Zurich Zoo, in Switzerland, in May 2024. (Zurich Zoo, Enzo Franchini/Newsflash)
Image shows a short-headed Day Gecko (Phelsuma breviceps), undated photo. It was brought at the Zurich Zoo, in Switzerland, in May 2024. (Zurich Zoo, Fabio Sueess/Newsflash)
Image shows a yellow-headed day gecko (Phelsuma klemmeri), undated photo. It lives at the Zurich Zoo, in Switzerland in May 2024. (Zurich Zoo, Albert Schmidmeister/Newsflash)

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