Survivor Of Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Disaster Receives GBP 80K In Compo

A survivor of the Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster in 2012 has received nearly GBP 80,000 in compensation for ‘post-shipwreck stress’.

The Costa Concordia cruise ship struck an underwater rock, capsized, and sank off Giglio Island near the coast of Tuscany on 13th January 2012.

The Court of Genoa has decided to compensate Ernesto Carusotti, a passenger on board the Costa Concordia, EUR 77,000 in damages and EUR 15,692 for legal fees (a total of GBP 77,800).

Costa Concordia, the ship involved in a accident on the Island of Giglio, Italy, on 13th January 2012, the Court of Genoa granted Ernesto Carusotti, one of the EUR 77 thousand in compensation, in December, 2021.

The consumer rights association Codacons told local media: “This is a very important victory for Codacons, which immediately held Costa Crociere (Costa Cruises) responsible for the accident that took place off Giglio Island and the compensation due to the survivors of the Concordia.

“In the current case, any faults in the rescue process of the shipwreck do not eliminate the responsibility of whoever is responsible for the shipwreck itself.

“Carusotti could have avoided the trauma by leaving the ship on the first lifeboat, the experience would certainly have been less stressful, perhaps the emotional damage would not have been there.

“But everything that actually happened to Carusotti also depended on the shipwreck, a crime for which Costa is responsible. There is no need for anything else.”

Captain Francesco Schettino was sentenced to 16 years in prison for his role in the 2012 disaster.

There were 4,229 people onboard, 1,013 of whom were crew members, and 32 people died in the disaster.

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Story By: Marija StojkoskaSub-EditorWilliam McGee,  Agency:  Newsflash

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