Suitcase Flees Across Russian Airport Tarmac In Wind

This is the hilarious moment an airport worker films a suitcase on wheels appearing to flee on a Russian runway after it was blown away by the wind.

The footage was reportedly captured at Sheremetyevo International Airport, which is one of the four airports serving the Russian capital Moscow, and it is also the busiest airport in the country.

Video credit: CEN/@Aviaincidents

As a result luggage workers have to work extra time, and appeared to have overlooked this wheeled suitcase that managed to take advantage of the strong winds to head off down the tarmac.

It was not revealed whether it was part of the runway that the runaway suitcase was travelling along, but it caused great amusement for the men filming.

The suitcase escaping

A spokesman for the airport confirmed the incident was recent and said that they suspected the “fugitive” suitcase was probably not one that was belonging to a passenger because it appeared not much inside.

They said people working at the airport for the various airlines tended to have lighter suitcases – and suggested it was most likely therefore from a crew member rather than a traveller.

The suitcase escaping

They added: “Almost always lighter suitcases are carried by crew members.”

Employees of Sheremetyevo Airport also emphasised that the luggage was recovered, undamaged, and that nobody was harmed and no planes were diverted as a result.

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Story By: Anna CasapSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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