South African Miss Used N-Word In Tweets

This blonde beauty queen hopeful who stormed to the top of the popularity list after bidding to become Miss South Africa has been exposed over racist and insulting tweets she made years ago.

Blonde Bianca Schoombee, 21, had posted a video to social media about herself as the country’s national beauty contest moves to the virtual world because of the global coronavirus pandemic.

To take part in a concert she had to post and introductory video about herself together with the hashtag #MissSA2020 and tagging @Official Miss South Africa in their posts. They also had to provide access to their social media feeds so that background checks can be done.

Credit: CEN
Bianca Schoombee racist tweet

When she quickly stormed to the top of the popularity tables, online commentators did not wait for the judges to start looking at what she had been up to in the past before digging, quickly posting one tweet from the young woman’s account which showed a black man’s face on a white background with the caption: “He so black that they had to change the background to white lmfaooo.”

They found other messages that were a mixture of uses of the n-word, f-bombs and alleging certain people are sluts.

In another comment she wrote: “real niggas don’t let the microwave hit 0.00”.

She also made fun of disabilities writing: “I will love you til a mute man tells his deaffriend about a blind man that saw a guy with no legs walking on water. (sic)”

Another one noted: “Ever see an ugly woman with 3 or more kids, and wondered to yourself, “Who KEEPS fcuking you?! (sic)”

And one racist joke went: “White guy: Babe you cold? Here’s my jacket . . Black guy: You cold? Nobody told yo ass to come outside with no jacket, trynna to be cute. (sic)”

When confronted with the evidence of her past comments, she issued an apology to her fellow South Africans saying that she was now praying and using social media as a tool to better herself.

Credit: CEN
Bianca Schoombee

She said the posts were made 6 years ago when she was 14 years old and said she apologised for “putting it out into the universe then”.

She added: “However, I would like to make you all aware that I have grown as a person, this is no longer who I am or what I stand for.

“It’s important to forgive yourself. I really hope that SA can forgive me for these immature posts, as I have forgiven myself and moved on. I really do hope that you continue to support me as we all deserve a second chance. I love you, South Africa. God bless.”

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Story By: Michael LeidigSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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