Sloth Rides Bus After Being Rescued By Conductor In Brazil

Snaps of a sloth riding a city bus in an urban region of Brazil have delighted netizens.

The sloth was rescued by bus driver Ronaldo Santana and conductor Marcio Albuquerque in the north-eastern Brazilian municipality of Paulista in the Recife Metropolitan Area.

It was spotted by the duo walking close to the PE-22 motorway, and they decided to rescue it to prevent the slow-moving mammal from being hit by other vehicles.

Santana told local media: “I pulled the bus over at the stop and I saw something moving. We then realised it was a sloth walking towards the cars.”

They decided to take it on the bus to the station where there were police officers.

Credit: Newsflash
The sloth that was riding a bus in Recife, Brazil

Netizens were delighted by the way the sloth was photographed holding onto the poles and handrails in the bus like a seasoned passenger.

The rescue took place at around 10am on 9th January, and Santana told local media that in his 17 years of working for the Conorte transport consortium, it was the first time he had seen such an animal on the road.

He said: “On that day, by chance, I was on duty and I took that bus. Just as well it happened so we could save the little creature.”

Albuquerque told local media he did not hesitate to grab the long-clawed animal in order to rescue it.

He said: “I love animals, I always carry food, water and some remedies for wounds to give to street animals.

“When I saw the sloth, I even thought about trying to return it to the nearby woods, but I got scared that someone would snatch it and I thought it better to take it to the police.”

Albuquerque caught the sloth and placed it on the handrails next to the vehicle’s turnstile. “The passengers found it curious, everyone was taking photos,” he said.

“I’d seen many agoutis and caimans around, mostly at night, but it’s the first time I’ve seen a sloth.”

When the bus arrived at the station, Santana and Albuquerque handed the furry passenger over to police officers to return it to the wild.

Albuquerque told local media: “I’m thrilled, I thank God for the opportunity to save this animal. People should take greater care of nature. The deforestation in that area is terrible. So many animals die there, it pains my heart.”

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Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

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