Shipping Alert On Danube Delta After French WWI Mine Spotted Floating In River

A French World War I mine has been spotted floating in the shallow waters of a river in a Romanian beauty spot.

Naval Forces rushed to the scene at the Chilia Arm of the Danube River near the village of Patlageanca, in Romania’s Tulcea County, when the spherical metallic object resembling a sea mine was spotted at around 9am on Monday morning, 8th April.

A bomb squad from the Emergency Situations Inspectorate (ISU) “DELTA” of Tulcea County was immediately dispatched to safely remove the dangerous object.

Additionally, the Tulcea Captaincy also warned the vessels in the area to be careful while Navy soldiers intervened.

Combat divers from the 39 Diving Centre against Explosive Devices also arrived on a ship from the River Flotilla to help neutralise the threat.

Picture shows the marine mine, undated. It was discovered floating in the Chilia Veche, Romania. (Newsflash)

After a careful inspection, it was reportedly determined that the object was an old mine and no longer a danger.

The Romanian Navy said: “The mission of the teams from ISU Tulcea and the Ministry of National Defence has just been completed.

“The sea mine was lifted by the pyrotechnic diving team of the Ministry of National Defence and will be transported for safe storage.”

The area has since been deemed safe for naval traffic.

The mine is of French manufacture and dates from World War I, officials added.

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