Sailors Plucked From Sinking Boat In North Sea Rescue

Four British yachters who were stranded at sea when they ran aground on a sandbank were plucked to safety as waves threatened to engulf their tiny 10-metre boat.

The four, not named by their rescuers, had become trapped on a sand bar close to the East Frisian islands off the north German coast as they sailed to the Netherlands on 21st April.

With their damaged boat leaking as it was battered by icy North Sea waves between Norderney and Juist islands they radioed desperately for help.

German Sea Rescue Society (DGzRS) said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “Their boat was badly damaged in the surf and flooded.

“The sea rescue cruiser EUGEN from the Norderney station and the sea rescue boat OTTO DIERSCH from the Norddeich station were in action.

They added: “Under the most difficult conditions, the volunteer crew of the OTTO DIERSCH managed to establish a line connection to the stuck sailboat and tow the boat free.

“Accompanied by the sea rescue cruiser EUGEN, the sea rescuers brought it to the harbor on the island of Norderney, where it was immediately taken out of the water by crane.

“The four sailors remained uninjured.”

Rescue pictures show the sailing yacht low in the water as it’s towed to safety back to Germany.

The yacht had become trapped on treacherous constantly shifting sands in the low tidal waters of the Norderneyer Seegatt strait between the Frisian Islands.

One rescue team member Antke Reemts, 59, said: “In the official nautical charts, the sea area is indicated as ‘highly changeable’.

“The fairway should therefore only be used by very experienced local sailors. Only they are familiar with the special sea conditions of the Norderneyer Seegatt.”

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Story By: Georgina JedikovskaSub-EditorGeorgina JedikovskaAgency: Newsflash

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