Russian Enthusiasts Make Bentley Worlds Fastest Tank

This is the amazing moment a Bentley that has been fitted with caterpillar tracks does 81 mph and its creators claim it is the world’s fastest tracked vehicle.

The classic motor is usually more associated with luxury cruising rather than off-road, but a group of Russians behind the so-called Bentley Ultratank project were determined to merge the two opposites – by merging a Bentley Continental GT with a tank.

Video Credit: CEN/ AcademeG

In this latest video of the project being put through its paces, it shows the Bentley with its tracks reportedly reaching 81 mph (130kph). But they are still not finished, and hope to get nearer to the 200 mph (321kph) that the unaltered car can achieve.

Local media say the creators claim their “Bentley Ultratank” is the world’s fastest tracked vehicle.

Credit: CEN/ AcademeG
Bentley Continental GT

The project has seen several hurdles that need to be overcome, including working out ways to open the doors in order to get in and out with the tracks in place.

The aim of the test run seen here was to push the device to 130kph, which they achieved, but now it is back to the drawing board to try and make it go even faster.

Credit: CEN/ AcademeG
Bentley Continental GT

The Russian team working on the vanity project plan to redesign the frame, replace the tracks for something even faster and optimise the steering as well to improve manoeuvrability.

And despite the slow speed, the tank can certainly cover steeper gradients and rougher terrain than its unmodified original luxury appearance.

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Story By: Anna CasapSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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