Russian Cops Drag Trans Woman Down Street By Hair

This is the moment Russian cops are filmed dragging a transgender woman across the pavement by her hair before throwing her into a patrol car.

The incident took place in the city of Kostanay in the northern Kazakh region of the same name and was recorded by shocked onlookers after a street brawl.

In the clip, an officer can be seen dragging the transgender woman by her hair across the pavement. Another cop in plain clothes helps his partner throw the woman into the back of the car, using their knees to force inside as they jam the door shut before driving away.

A voice off-camera can be heard saying “look he is beating her in the car.”

Credit: Newsflash/@ru_chp

According to the press service of the local police department, the detainee identifies as a woman but was born as a man named Sergei in 1988.

The officials said that they had received a call saying the suspect had been aggressive towards two security guards and a road worker before resisting arrest with force.

However, the suspect said in her police statement: “I was walking down the street and had a conversation with a road worker to whom I mentioned that I am transgender.

“Then a car pulled over and two men made an obscene gesture at me to which I responded with the same. The two then got out of the car and started beating me.”

She denied reports on social media saying she had bitten a man’s ear in the incident, saying: “I am a fragile woman. At most, I could have scratched someone but I can’t inflict more serious injuries.”

Local media report the two security guards and the road worker had filed reports against the woman for attacking them.

It is unclear if she had been charged or if the police officers are facing an investigation.

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Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

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