Rowing Boats In Streets As Floods Turn City Into Venice

This is the startling moment a resident of a Russian city navigates the streets in a rowing boat after a local river burst in banks in heavy rain leaving the area “like Venice”.

The flood took place at the city of Khimki in western Russia’s Moscow Oblast region where streets were flooded after the Skhodnya River burst its banks due to heavy rains.

In the video, recorded by local resident Petr Sivak, one of his neighbours can be seen using a rowing boat to navigate the city’s streets where cars normally pass.

Credit: Newsflash/@frankipete

A voice off-camera says “do you know the right way to your house” and the rowing man responds “I have a navigator”.

Local residents have now compared the city to the famous canals of Venice and weather forecasts unfortunately predict more and rains and storms in the coming days.
Netizen named ‘Darya_7_13’ said: “I wonder is this really after rain?”

And ‘senya231’ commented with: “Hope this water is not going to last for a long time out there. I feel very sorry for you.”

No injuries have been reported in the flooding.

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Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

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