Puppies Cuddle Up to Cat Mum And Her Kittens In Wartorn Ukraine

This cute footage showing three puppies snuggling up with a cat mum and her kittens to keep warm has been classified as top secret – because they are sitting on a camouflaged netting in war-torn Ukraine that could then be targetted by Russian missiles.

With both sides desperate for information as to the location of bases and equipment, they have been scouring the Internet for harmless-seeming social media videos that give away the location of tanks or weapons stores or anything else that can then be targeted by precision missiles.


The cute footage was recorded “somewhere in Ukraine” and shared on tick-tock by the film who said they were forbidden from giving any more information out. The man filming can be seen taking to the city puppies and felines and adds: “It’s a miracle, even in these hard times.”

The kittens and puppies can be seen snuggling on camouflage netting, indicating that there is some sort of militarily sensitive object hidden underneath that they don’t want the Russians to find out about, hence the need to be particularly careful.

The video first seems to show the puppies but as the filmer approaches talking to them in Ukrainian, the meowing of the kittens can be heard and then the mother cat and kittens can be seen underneath the mass of fluffy puppies.

The filmer who also asked not to be named told Clipzilla: “We can not even talk about the location because of the circumstances in our country as there are laws that prohibit the disclosure of such information.”

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Story By: Marija StojkoskaSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency:  Newsflash

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