Pundits Call For This Haggling Crow To Negotiate Brexit

Pundits are calling for this cheeky crow to take over the Brexit negotiations after the bird was filmed refusing different sizes of fish as a bribe to go away before finally cutting a deal with the sellers.

The footage shows the man believed to be a fishmonger offering different small fish to the crow which loudly makes its displeasure known until finally it gets a large fat fish, which it accepts into its beak, and then turns around and flies off with its bribe.

Video Credit: AsiaWire/ @GeetimaK Twitter

The incident reportedly happened in the southern Indian province of Kerala with a large selection of fish on a metal tray with a cheeky crow as the fishmonger’s non paying customer waiting to be served. 

Credit: AsiaWire/@GeetimaK Twitter
The intelligent crow

After the clip was shared online analysts in The Indian Express newspaper – one of the country’s top titles – suggested that the bird should negotiate Britain’s exit from the EU.

The video was shot after the fishmonger had tried repeatedly to get the crow to go away, and in the end had settled into negotiations in order to give it a fish that the crow would find suitable in order to go away.

The fish was much larger than the merchant had wanted to hand over to the blackmailing crow, but after it was handed over the bird reportedly kept its part of the deal and did not then come back having presumably finished off the oversized meal.

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Story By: Michael LeidigSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: AsiaWire Report

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