Pretty Ex-Graffiti Tagger Win UN Praise For France Mural

This pretty Moldovan graffiti artist has won praise by the UN for being a ‘woman making history’ after she rose from life as an illegal graffiti tagger in her homeland to creating this stunning wall mural in France.

Inna Jeleascova, who goes by the stage name iZZY iZVNE, was singled out for the UN campaign “You Know You Can” to discover and promote 10 women who managed to break the norms in male dominated fields and made history in her Moldovan homeland. 

Video Credit: CEN/@iZZYiZVNE

The “You Know You Can” campaign was aimed at encouraging women and girls to assert themselves as leaders and professionals in all fields.

And now she has been invited to participate in the “Grenoble Street Art Fest” and created the impressive image of planets disappearing into a black hole made from letters as her contribution to the event.

At the inauguration of the drawing, the Moldovan consul participated in France

She started out as a rapper using the stage name “IZZy” but when she moved into doing graffiti added “iZVNE” (which stands for Not From This World in Russian) and now uses it for all of her work.

Speaking of a move from rap music to a focus on graffiti art which is part of the rap culture she said: “I have had a love for art for a long time, I started painting in 2011, and of course I loved hip-hop culture, and I wanted to try all of its elements. 

Speaking to Central European News (CEN), she said: “When I got to graffiti I just stayed there, since it was very much me. I started with classical, even sometimes illegal graffiti, and it gradually grew into my present calligraphy inspired work.”

Credit: CEN
At the inauguration of the drawing, the Moldovan consul participated in France

Her latest creation followed the invitation to take part in the Grenoble Street Art Fest International Wall Art Festival in France and she created her mural on the wall of a 7-storey building.

It took six days to create a design which merges her art and imagination.

Previously her largest wall painting project was in Sweden at the Orebro Art Festival, and her energy was needed every step of the way because there were also two other festivals in Sweden and Portugal which she also attended.

Credit: CEN
Inna is the president of the ONG “Urban Spirit” organisation that runs art festivals in her native Moldavia

The young woman was the only artist in the Republic of Moldova that was included in the book “100 graffiti artists from Europe” in 2014.

She said: “I’m inspired mostly by what’s happening to me throughout the day, by everyday life and from the people I meet. I have great plans for the future. I would primarily like to continue painting in the same style because I found myself in the calligraphic way I paint now, and I want to develop it further.”

Inna is the president of the NGO “Urban Spirit” that runs art festivals in her native Moldova.

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Story By: Anna GuranSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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