Pooch Looks Ready To Explode After Stealing Grub

This clip shows how a pooch was left with a pot belly that looked ready to explode after he was caught stealing food from the kitchen.

Young pit monster Beethoven went viral online with more than 13 million views after he was caught red-handed stealing food at his home in Joao Monlevade, Brazil.

The clip shows how his owners came across a torn packet of dog food and then found the culprit with a huge, round belly that looked like it could explode at any moment.


Social media user Amanda Karol, who lives in Spain, wrote online: “Look at this video my father sent me.” She also revealed: “Thank God he’s now better.”

She posted another video – sent to her by her sister Maria Luiza – of Beethoven enthusiastically eating his dog food.

She wrote: “The little dog’s now better, people. He’s now eating furiously again. He can eat for seven dogs.

“He’s thin again. If only I could eat so much and be thin again the next day.”

She then filmed his poo on the floor, writing: “He’s already started to release everything, ha ha.”

A man shows a dog with a swollen belly, undated photo. Beethoven, the dog, reportedly ate dog food until it was full while his owners were away from home in Joao Monlevade, Minas Gerais, Brazil. (@amandak4rol/CEN)

And she also filmed his chewed dog dish and wrote: “As you can see, he even ate his bowl.”

The family believes their other pet dog, Pandora, helped Beethoven to tear open the packet of dog food while their owners weren’t looking.

They also said they had taken him to see a vet after finding him with a distended belly.

But they said the vet had told them the only thing they could do was wait for Beethoven to pass the food.

Instagram user Ingrid Rajao commented on the first video: “Me leaving my nan’s house after her telling me I’m really skinny.”

Beethoven eats food after its belly came back to its normal size in an undated photo. Beethoven, reportedly ate dog food until it was full while his owners were away from home in Joao Monlevade, Minas Gerais, Brazil. (@amandak4rol/CEN)

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Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Central European News

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