Police Release Hilarious Sketch Of Burglar Deer That Broke Into School

This is the sketch of a ‘burglar’ deer released by police after the animal allegedly broke into a school before fleeing officers called to the scene.

The image of the deer in a burglar’s trademark ski mask was handed out by cops with a message saying they believe “the Buck is part of an organized crime group”.

The incident took place in the town of Barnstead, in the US state of New Hampshire, on Sunday 28th November, at about 12:20 PM.

A sketch of the four legged suspect wearing a black burglar mask posted by police after a report of a burglary at a local school in Barnstead, New Hampshire, USA, on 28th November.

The police shared images of the crime scene, in which a broken deer antler can be seen, clear evidence left at the school by the culprit.

The Barnstead Police Department took to social media to release a sketch of the “wanted” deer. They said: “We are investigating a burglary at the Barnstead Elementary School reported to BPD at 12:20pm today.

“A citizen driving past the school reported seeing a front window smashed. Police responded and much to their surprise saw a ten-point buck inside the school lobby.”

The police said that they requested backup from the local firefighters, adding: “Officer Cookinham called for backup and Barnstead firefighters showed up to help capture the large suspect.”

They also said that the deer escaped when they tried to catch it. They said: “As emergency personnel gained entry the suspect escaped as he crashed through a second window and was last seen running down Maple street.”

An antler was found at the scene after a report of a burglary at a local school in Barnstead, New Hampshire, USA, on 28th November.

The police said that one of their officers gave chase but the ‘suspect’ was too fast for them. They said: “Officer Cookinham gave chase pursuing the four legged suspect who was to swift for the officer, in the distance a voice could be heard yelling ‘On Dancer!!!’ and in the blink of an eye the suspect was gone.”

The cops also said that they found part of the deer’s antlers at the crime scene. They said: “At the scene of the crime police found a five point antler and will be sending it to the crime lab to check for DNA.”

They added: “Police believe that the Buck is part of an organized crime group breaking into buildings in New Hampshire. Earlier today our police counterparts in Goffstown responded to a call of a Buck inside an auto repair shop and the suspect got away when police arrived on scene.

“Barnstead Police will be working with the Goffstown police and other law enforcement agencies to try to match hoof prints, surveillance and booking photos to see if this is the same suspect from the Goffstown burglary or another member of this organized crime group. We will keep the public posted as new information comes in.”

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorWilliam McGee, Agency: Newsflash

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