Placido Domingos Playboy Babe Granddaughter Defends Him

Opera singer Placido Domingo’s Playboy model granddaughter has spoken out in support of her granddad as he faces a string of sexual harassment allegations.

Playboy cover star Ivonne Armant, 45, who lives in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, has expressed her opinion in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment against the world-famous tenor.

In an Instagram post she said: “I believe in you grandfather, I am with you.”

Credit: CEN
Ivonne Armant

Armant added: “My grandfather has never needed to force anyone to do something they did not want.”

She further explained: “Thanks to life, today, my grandfather is my family and I defend him because I know him, I have communicated with him, I have seen him as a gentleman. I think now is the time to be with my family and support them.”

Armant is the daughter of 78-year-old Domingo’s first son, Jose Domingo Guerra, 61. She only met her granddad when she was 15. 

After reportedly experiencing several ups and downs in their relationship, they are now on good terms. 

Armant is famous for having shared the cover of Playboy magazine with Pamela Anderson.

She says that it is unfair that a man who has a 50-year career and is known as the greatest tenor in the history of the world, who has made people happy with his singing for many years and proved himself to be a gentleman, is now having his reputation ruined by nine anonymous ladies and one woman who identified herself as the singer Patricia Wolf. 

Credit: CEN
Ivonne Armant

In the allegations against Domingo, Wolf says that he did not touch her nor did he sleep with her but made her feel uncomfortable when she spoke closely to him. 

Although Armant supports the MeToo movement, she believes that the accusations against her grandfather are out of place and are not based on evidence.

Armant is not alone in her grandfather’s defence. A number of opera stars who worked closely with the renowned singer have expressed their shock when they read the reports. 

For instance, opera singer Ainhoa Arteta says she has known Domingo for 30 years and despite having helped her a lot, he never asked her for anything in exchange. 

According to local media, she said: “I do know he is not a harasser, I put my neck on the line for that.”

Other singers joined Arteta in her defence of Placido Domingo, such as Paloma San Basilio, soprano Davinia Rodriguez, and Pilar Jurado, the President of the General Society of Authors and Editors. 

They all claim that Domingo has always been a perfect gentleman, a great workmate and a generous artist.

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Story By: Marija PetrovskaSub-EditorAlex Cope, Agency: Central European News

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