Permanently Startled Feline Is Such A Hit He Supports Himself With Cat Food Sponsorship Says Owner

This cat called Fedya which has become an Internet sensation because of the permanently startled look it has on its face can earn his keep after a cat food company decided to sponsor him.

Fedya’s owner, Natalya Zhdanova, who lives in the city of Rostov, which is located in the south-western Russian region of Rostov, made the revelation to Newsflash in an exclusive interview, saying: “We have agreed on permanent supplies with a cat food brand. So Fedya already provides himself with food.”

Natalya explained that she is very protective of Fedya, who she said is shy and “afraid of filming in new places”. She added: “Fedya does not like the attention of strangers.”


This is why she does not accept all the invitations that she receives to make videos, because it is important to her that she “protect the cat”.

Natalya explained that had she took Fedya in after he was apparently abandoned by his mother and left to die in her garden. She suspects that he was abandoned because he looks different or because he was dropped on his head.

Discussing whether his uniqueness comes from his physical traits alone or whether he was also special mentally, Natalya said: “Fedya is not only a physically special cat, but also mentally too. He can’t be offended and angry. He’s a bit slow and clumsy. He has a late reaction, he is surprised by everything, afraid of unfamiliar sounds.”

She said that Fedya is “very kind and affectionate!”

And Natalya, who writes children’s books for a living, mused that it would be interesting to create a story for kids about Fedya. She said: “Perhaps his story will become the plot for a kind children’s book that will teach children compassion and mutual assistance.”

She added: “He is curious, likes to explore the space around him, likes to walk in the yard.”

But she said that the feline Internet sensation was not at all mischievous, quite the opposite. She said: “Fedya always behaves well! He never climbed on the table and did not steal food. He didn’t spoil things and didn’t even sharpen his claws on furniture. He knows from infancy what the toilet is for. If there were mistakes, it was only because of his clumsiness. He’s just an angel!”

Speaking about her other cat, who is called Handsome, she said that he “is only 4 months older than his ‘son’, so he is now two and a half years old.”

Discussing where Fedya’s name comes from and what it means, Natalya said that “the name Fedya is an abbreviation of the old Russian name Fedor. It is soft and cozy, like our cat himself, this name is very suitable for him.”

She added: “That was the name of my ancestors, and now they often call newborn boys that way.”

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorJames King, Agency: Newsflash

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