Outrage As Sad Lions Filmed In Cramped Cages At Controversial Cambodian Zoo

These are the shocking images of sad-looking lions including a cub being kept in cramped cages at a controversial Cambodian zoo.

The images that include several pictures and a short video of the lion family were taken by a shocked visitor to Kampot Zoo near the city of Kampot in the southern Cambodian province of the same name.

Recently-posted images on social media show lions and other animals apparently living in poor conditions, sparking outrage among netizens.


Credit: @savra.elynn/Newsflash

The animals seem to be kept in cramped, filthy cages and look underfed and sad.

One photo shows a male lion sitting in its cage with its shoulders slumped, looking dejected.

Kampot Zoo, the second largest zoo in Cambodia and established in 1999, is no stranger to controversy and has been criticised for keeping animals in poor conditions many times in the last decade, with some animal rights groups calling on the government to close it down.

Credit: @savra.elynn/Newsflash
The small cages where lions are held in Kampot Zoo in Cambodia, in June 2021.

In response to the latest images, Facebook user ‘Sofin SO’ said: “The lion doesn’t look in good health.”

Netizen ‘Sean Chanthou’ said: “They’re all skin and bone.”

‘Tola La’ wrote: Asleep and waiting for death.”

‘Yeu Sengleang’ remarked: “Please help!”

‘Twin Kwin’ commented: “Such a shame.”

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorJames King,  Agency: Newsflash

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