OAPs Send Cute Notes To Each Other Via Hospital Nurse As They Cannot See Each Other

Two elderly hospital patients have been sending cute doodles to each other via a nurse, as they cannot see each other.

The images were shared on social media by the married couple’s granddaughter Julia Maestri, an Argentine journalist, earlier this week.

She accompanied the snaps with the message: “My grandparents are admitted to the same hospital, but they cannot see each other and my nan sends little notes to my grandfather through a nurse.”

One note is seen with an elaborate hand-drawn cover that reads “neighbour 922”.

Another doodle shows the smiling couple holding hands in their beds in a hospital room, including a bell and blood pressure monitor, with ‘T.Q.M.’ written in the bottom corner. T.Q.M. stands for ‘te quiero mucho’, which means ‘I love you very much’ in English.

Neighbor 922 on the cover of the letter that the grandmother sent to the grandfather after they were separated in hospital.

It is unclear what the elderly couple is in hospital for, and if they cannot see each other due to COVID-19 restrictions in Argentina.

However, Julia’s post caught the attention of many netizens and has been ‘liked’ over 35,000 times on Twitter.

Netizen ‘Tripping all the way’ commented: “You make me feel like I want to cry. I was hospitalised with someone I love and we could not communicate. We wrote notes on toilet paper, imagine. Tell your grandparents we love them.”

‘Valeria Paz’ said. “That’s a lot of love! I hope they get better soon and when they are discharged, take pictures of them and post them here!”

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorWilliam McGee,  Agency: Newsflash

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