Nurseries Ban Sweets And Sausages Because Of Muslim Kids

Fury has erupted among parents after 300 children at two German nurseries were banned from eating gummy bear sweets – which contain gelatine made from pork – because two Muslim girls are attending.

Children at the KonfuziusKindergarten and the Rolando-Toro-Kita nurseries in the city of Leipzig in the German federal state of Saxony, which are run by the same bosses, will also not be served pork in their included lunch as the Muslim youngsters would be unable to eat it.

In a note to parents, the nursery bosses wrote: “Out of respect for a changing world, from 15th July we will only be serving food that is completely free of pork.”

Credit: CEN/ Sawsan Chebli
Berlin politician Sawsan Cheblis tweet

The parents were also asked not to let their children bring any sweets or other products containing gelatine to the nursery.

According to German daily Bild, 300 children attend the nurseries and the change in dietary requirements is due to two Muslim girls, aged two and three, who attend the nurseries.

Nursery boss Wolfgang S. reassured parents no child would suffer as a result but some parents complained demanding German food be served to the children.

Some netizens agreed with the parents’ dismay, with one writing: “I thought we were living in a world all together and everything is good. Why should the kids not be allowed their gummy bears.”

Another said: “This nursery boss should be fired. For my kid’s birthday, I would send pork sandwiches.”

Another wrote: “Unbelievable, soon Christmas will be banned.”

Sawsan Chebil a German politician from Berlin, herself of Muslim Palestinian descent, wrote on social media: “Pork and gummy bears are banned, winter markets instead of Christmas markets, light fests instead of St Marting Light Fest, Seasonal Greetings instead of Christmas Wishes.

“Dear all… it is a nice thought, but please leave this. Do not do it for the Muslims. This will not heal their souls.”

Not everyone was negative, with one user writing: “Why is everyone so up in arms, all parents pay the same for the food, so they should all get the same food.”

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Story By: Kathryn QuinnSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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One thought on “Nurseries Ban Sweets And Sausages Because Of Muslim Kids

  • July 26, 2019 at 2:44 pm

    If Muslims suffered something like anaphylactic shock from contact with such food, I could see the sense of the ban. But because one sect chooses to unilaterally follow a certain set of religious rules, it seems discriminatory to force others into those same rules. In the present weighted environment I assume non-Muslim objections to obscene, unhealthy or unpleasant Muslim practises, are sneeringly derided and offhandedly dismissed – that certainly seems to many people the way it goes. Are there any known exceptions to the Muslims can do, say, insist upon, anything they want, rule? Is it even acceptable to ask the question?


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