Norwegian Diver Sets Record After Diving From A 100 Foot Cliff Falling At Over 100 Kph And Surviving

This is the terrifying moment a Norwegian ‘Death Diving’ enthusiast throws himself from a dizzying height of over 100 feet hitting a speed of 100 kph before crashing into the water below.

Ken Stornes, age not stated, broke the world record for ‘Death Diving’ when he threw himself from a 31.3-meter cliff (102 feet) in Norway last Friday (21st August).

Death Diving, as its name suggests, is an especially dangerous form of diving where participants keep their bodies open as if preparing for a belly-flop waiting as long as possible before shifting to the much safer head-first diving position.

Credit: @kenstornes/Newsflash

In the clip posted by Ken on his ‘@kenstornes’ Instagram account, he can first be seen standing at the top of an incredibly high cliff preparing himself mentally for the jump.

The diver then throws himself from the cliff initially falling horizontally with his limbs stretched out wide.

Just a split-second before hitting the water at an estimated speed of 100 kph (62 mph) Ken changes position and cuts through the surface of the water headfirst.

Ken disappears under the water for a few seconds but re-surfaces triumphantly to which everyone cheers as he roars with joy.

The fearless diver smashed the previous ‘Death Diving’ record of 27 metres (88.5 feet) by over 4 metres (13.1 feet) and told Norwegian news site VG after the dive: ” The jump was perfect. It went so well that I almost have to point out that it is dangerous. It was completely awesome.”

In official ‘Death Diving’ competitions, competitors jump from between 10-14 metres (32-45 feet) and judges award points based on who was closest to hitting the water with their stomach exposed.

The first ‘Death Diving’ world championship was held in 2008. and since become extremely popular in Norway where the competition is televised live.

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