Newlyweds Angry At Overly Photoshopped Bride

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A wedding photo studio has been slammed by furious newlyweds for photoshopping the wife’s pictures to make her look much thinner and whiter.

The couple from China’s south-western municipality of Chongqong have also been told that they did not pay enough, having allocated 5,800 RMB (665 GBP) of their budget for the service.

Credit: AsiaWire
Before and after wedding photos

The wife, surnamed Wang, was angered when the photo studio known as ‘LOFT’ sent her the pictures, which showed her with a dramatically thinner face, a sharper jawline, a more pronounced nose, skinnier arms and even fuller lips.

“I was shocked when the received the photos. This isn’t me – and all my friends agree,” Wang said.

She added: “The only thing that remained the same was my clothing. I was speechless.”

Wang’s husband, surnamed Zheng, agreed, saying: “I don’t recognise the bride in these photos. They have gone and turned her into somebody else.”

Credit: AsiaWire
Before and after wedding photos

The groom and other guests at the “once-in-a-lifetime” wedding did not escape the photographer’s photoshopping either, images shared by the couple show.

They also claim the photographer took poor and unprofessional photos – but LOFT’s manager, Li Hao, says it is because they went cheap.

He told the newlyweds: “You can’t expect those standards from a photographer costing a few thousand. We have photographers who charge tens of thousands and others who charge a few hundred.”

He added: “We could only find a suitable photographer for your budget of 5,800 RMB (665 GBP).”

Following criticism from the media as well as members of the public, the studio has promised to retouch the couple’s wedding pictures – presumably free of charge.

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Story By: Scott Feng, Sub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: AsiaWire

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