Medics Applaud 25yo Brain-Dead Organ Donor Helping 7

This is the touching moment medics applaud a 25-year-old brain-dead woman as she is led down to surgery so her organs could go to seven other people.

The unnamed housewife suffered from an unspecified cerebrovascular disease and she told her husband that she wished to donate her organs in the event of her death, according to local media.

Reports said that the young woman lost all brain function while admitted to the Mexican Social Security Institute in the city of Leon in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, and her donated organs have now helped to save the lives of seven other people.

Video Credit: CEN/@Tu_IMSS

In the video footage, hospital staff members are seen lining the corridor and applauding the covered 25-year-old donor as she is wheeled to the operating theatre.

According to local media, the woman donated both her lungs and kidneys, two corneas and her liver.

Credit: CEN/@Tu_IMSS
Moment the doctors and nurse applaud the woman who is giving to give her organs to save seven lives

The liver was sent to a hospital in La Raza in Mexico City for a patient requiring a donated organ while her corneas and kidneys went to people in the same hospital in Leon.

Meanwhile, the woman’s lungs were taken to a patient in a private hospital in the city of Monterrey, capital of the north-eastern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.

Netizens have paid tribute to the woman.

‘Elenita27119997’ said: “God bless her and award her, with eternal glory and bless her loved ones”.

Credit: CEN/@Tu_IMSS
Moment the doctors and nurse applaud the woman who is giving to give her organs to save seven lives

‘Dsanjer’ added: “That applause is being received by her in the sky at this moment, God bless her, more people like her”.

And ‘retana_alfredo’ said: “Wow! Wonderful woman and a big loss for her family. Example until her death. God bless her family”.

But ‘lionlives_’ commented: “Those recording the scene with their mobile phones are showing a lack of respect! Shame.”

And ‘CKarmara’ added: “It is strange to applaud a body but well, every culture expresses their tribute in a certain way. Thanks to the organs donation, this woman will live in other people and will give life”.

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