Loyal Dog Waits Outside Hospital Ward Where Owner Died

This loyal dog that followed its owner to the doors of a hospital’s intensive care unit has been there for 30 days with no one to care for it after its owner died.

A Facebook user reportedly named Manuel Fernandez shared the picture of the dog lying on the floor of the regional hospital of Huacho, in the western Peruvian region of Lima.

Fernandez said that the dog has been waiting in the hospital for 30 days after its owner died.

Credit: CEN
The dog in the hospital

According to reports, the dog appears undernourished and needs a bath so netizens are asking for someone to come forward and adopt it.

Chato was compared with the Japanese dog Hachiko which waited for its owner in a train station years after their death.

Chato’s story has melted the hearts of netizens such as ‘Margot Jaime’ who said: “Loyal to the death, if it is taken away, it will come back and suffer, the most logical thing for it is to be helped by people with a good heart, with the idea of doing a good thing for a life. Giving food, attention and even paying for a vet, giving the dog love until it dies”.

‘Monica Karina’ said: “Loyalty can only be found in this beautiful four-legged creature”.

‘Nancy Gamonal Quispe’ added: “What a beautiful animal, it is amazing the loyalty, the love for its owner. I think it is very difficult for human beings to have this unconditional love.”

It is unclear how the dog’s owner died.

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Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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