Lost Bear Cub Peaks Over Garden Wall In Search Of Mum

This is the moment an adorable lost bear cub pokes its head over a garden wall while searching for its mum.

The four-month-old bear was found in the garden of a house in the village of Kladnitsa in the province of Pernik in Bulgaria. 

In the video, the cute bear can be seen hanging onto the metal railings as it looks at the camera. The brown cub then pokes its head through the railings towards the onlookers.

Video Credit: CEN

The director of the South-West State Enterprise, Damyan Damyanov, along with forest employees responded immediately to a call from local residents telling them about the bear.

He told local media: “The bear was stressed and helpless, as it is only four months old.”

Credit: CEN
The bear cub hanging on a fence

Local media report the bear left the railings and then climbed nearly 15 metres up a nearby tree, with rescuers trying to bring it down.

Forest officials reportedly worked until nightfall to try to bring the bear down from the tree but they failed and the cub was later spotted climbing down by itself and heading into the nearby woods, according to reports.

A surveillance team has been deployed to the location to see whether the cub shows up again. 

Experts say that the cub will not be able to survive if it does not manage to find its mum. The exact species and gender of the cub is unclear.

Netizen ‘Teodora Sotirova’ commented: “Sweetheart.”

While ‘Tina Krivova’ added: “I am wondering why they did they not kill it.” 

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Story By: Angjela TrajkovskaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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