Long-Lost Siblings Reunited After 35 Years

This is the moment a woman is reunited with her long-lost brother who ran away from home 35 years ago and ended up settling just 35 miles away.

The siblings, both surnamed Xu, had not seen each other since 1983, when the older brother left home following a disagreement with other family members.

Xu (L) in an old family photo before he was separated from his family

Originally from the township of Yaocun in Xuancheng City in China’s eastern Anhui Province, the brother went searching for job opportunities up and down the country in various provinces.

Several years ago, he finally settled in the county-city of Ningguo – and did not know his long-lost family was still living just 35 miles away.

Authorities with the Fantang Police Station found the brother living alone in a dilapidated home while conducting a census of the local population.

He was unable to provide them with information about his identity, including where he was born and where his family was from.

He did, however, remember his sister’s name, and that allowed police to track down his younger sibling still living in their hometown of Yaocun.

The sister and brother reunited after 35 years

Footage shared by Ningguo police shows the moment the sister saw her brother for the first time in over three decades as she sobs in his arms.

Authorities say they have returned to their hometown together to reunite with other relatives.

Fangtang Police Station officer Yu Chenhao said: “The older brother never tried contacting his family because he was having a tough time making ends meet.

“His family tried searching for him but came up empty. They were all very eager to meet him and were very emotional during the meeting.”

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Story By: Scott Feng, Sub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency: AsiaWire


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