Russian Claims To Have The Worlds Highest Lada

A Russian man who pimped his Lada with giant wheels – seen here – so he would be higher up than any other cars on the road has been slapped with a fine by local cops.

Car owner Vagan Mikaelyan, whose age was not given, said he not only wanted to be higher than other drivers but also wanted to have the world’s highest Lada.

Video credit: CEN/@vaga_adrenalin

As a result he commissioned a pal of his to create the 72-inch wheels in order to replace the standard 15-inch wheels on his Lada Priora.

In total it took just over six weeks to make the metal wheels at a cost of 100,000 RUB (1,200 GBP), and after taking to the streets, the video was posted online.

Video credit: CEN/@vaga_adrenalin

However, police were less than impressed when they spotted the footage and they tracked down the owner.

Police spokesman Artyom Konovalenko said: “An investigation has been carried out in which we have interrogated the owner of the oversized car and he now faces an administrative penalty for the illegal modifications.”

Video credit: CEN/@vaga_adrenalin

As well as a 5,000-RUB (61-GBP) fine for making unregulated technical changes to the vehicle, he has also been ordered to turn it back to its original form within 10 days or it will be ruled illegal to use on the roads and deregistered.

However, the owner is likely not to do this as he said he will no longer be using the vehicle on the roads and just keep it on his private property.

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Story By:  Amelia GuranSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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