Knackered Horse Dragged Behind Cruel Motorist Collapses

This is the moment a cruel driver is seen pulling an exhausted horse tied to his car down a dirt road before the poor animal collapses and appears unable to stand up again.

The video was shared by the Pro Aid for Helpless Animal Association (APAADE) in the seaside city of Villa Gesell in the Buenos Aires Province in northeastern Argentina where the abuse happened.

Video Credit: CEN/@apaade.gesell

In the video, a brown horse can be seen tied to the back of a moving car and the animal appears to be pulling back against the vehicle.

The horse then collapses in a heap onto the dirt road and the onlooking driver beeps his horn to alert the horse’s owner.

The driver of the car dragging the horse stops and gets out of the vehicle before walking towards the horse and the man recording is heard saying “poor house, give it a bit of water!”.

Credit: CEN/@apaade.gesell
Moment a horse is dragged by a car

The horse owner appears to try to pull the horse to its feet by the rope but the animal is left sitting on the ground.

According to ‘APAADE’, the case was reported to the Security Secretary and local authorities identified the driver who is a 44-year-old man from Villa Gesell and they are investigating the case to determine if they can press charges against the driver for animal abuse.

The horse was examined by a vet who confirmed the animal was uninjured in the incident.

Credit: CEN/@apaade.gesell
Moment a horse is dragged by a car

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Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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