Kindhearted Chinese Man Risks Life To Free Goose Frozen In Ice

This is the heartwarming moment a Chinese man risks his own safety to rescue a trapped goose on a frozen lake after its feathers became stuck in the ice overnight.

The animal lover was taking a walk in the icy conditions when he spotted the goose flapping around and kicking its legs, and realised the ice had frozen around its feathers locking it in place.

The goose was too far away to free with a stick and it was too dangerous to attempt to throw heavy stones to break the ice around the trapped bird.

Credit: @huoketong/Newsflash

In the end, the kind citizen went home to collect a large inner tube which he inflated and used to slowly edge across the frozen lake until nearing the goose.

Once there, he was able to smash the ice allowing the scared bird to fly off while he was made it back to the bank without further incident.

He was widely praised for putting his own health at risk to save the goose which can be seen swimming around after being freed from its icy tomb.

It is believed that the goose was standing on a piece of ice that was slightly submerged in the water, so that when the surface water then froze as well, it trapped the bird’s feathers but left its feet free.

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Story By: Wu Juan, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

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