Italian Singers Injury Case Against Dancing With The Stars Nears End

Italian pop star Anna Oxa has revealed that her drawn-out lawsuit against the Italian media giant Rai turns into a never ending story after she was blacklisted after suffering an injury while competing in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ eight years ago.

Oxa, 60, injured her knee while competing in ‘Ballando con le Stelle’ (‘Dancing with the Stars’) in 2013.

The two-time winner of the Sanremo Music Festival said she initially asked the network Rai for compensation and hoped to reach an agreement, but she filed a lawsuit in 2018 after several unsuccessful attempts.

The case has been stuck in court for three years and is still ongoing. The Eurovision Song Contest 1989 participant recently posted a photo of a court document that announces the next hearing is scheduled for December this year.

In the meantime, Oxa has reportedly been banned from all Rai channels with the singer claiming: “I am on their blacklist.”

The media company has never commented on the ongoing case.

In the past, the singer told Italian media: “I was injured when I slipped on the floor while perfuming on ‘Dancing with the Stars’. They did not recognise the accident and have since closed all doors on Rai shows for me.”

The singer said she is determined to keep up the fight to make sure other artists are protected from loss of earnings through similar incidents.

Credit: Newsflash
Famous Italian singer Anna Oxa suffered a knee injury on the show “Dancing With The Stars” in 2013 and was refused an injury compensation from the Italian National Television RAI.

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Story By: Tijana Milikj, Sub-Editor: James King, Agency:  Newsflash


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