Intact Skeleton Of Mystery Animal Unearthed At Mill Baffles Turkish Boffins

This intact skeleton of an as-yet-unidentified animal has baffled Turkish scientists after it was unearthed at a local mill.

The skeleton, about one metre (3.3 feet) tall with ferocious teeth, was found in the field of a textile plant in the Turkish province of Igdir last week.

Noting that some tissue on the skeleton had not completely deteriorated, workers immediately informed scientists at the Igdir University Biodiversity Research and Application Centre (BIYOMER).

Experts arrived at the site and took the skeleton to Igdir University for examination.

BIYOMER scientist Dr Belkis Muca Yigit said they have started analysing the skeleton and are still trying to determine its species.

Dr Yigit added: “Soon we will be able to provide the necessary information. After the examinations are completed, we will make sure the skeleton is taken to a museum.”

Yusuf Kitay, operation manager at the discovery site, said the skeleton’s shape caught their attention which is why they reported it to the authorities.

Kitay added: “Its long hind legs especially caught our attention. We informed the authorities that it might be an interesting species. Research will need to be carried out. We are all wondering what it could be. I hope something interesting comes out of it, and that it will be useful for science.”

The examinations continue.

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Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Joe Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

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