Injured Puppy Rescued After Social Media User Sees It Being Mocked For Its Swollen Head

A puppy with a massively swollen head was finally rescued after a man spotted images on social media of people laughing at its misfortune, and thinking it had been stung by a bee.

Passersby snapped pics of what they believed was the funny outcome from a bee’s touch, not realising the dog was in pain and close to death.

The small dog was left to wander the streets of Huanggang, in Hubei Province, in China, for days after its owner apparently decided she did not want it and left the rope round its neck.

But after taking a closer look at the abnormally swollen head that was twice its size, one

Picture shows the dog after being rescued in Hubei, China, undated. It had a rope tied around its neck. (niuniuya202020/AsiaWire)

social media viewer – named Mr Yunlong in local media – realised the little dog was actually in need of urgent treatment.

Yunlong travelled from his home in Wuhan to Huanggang to find and rescue the puppy.

He searched eight villages and asked around for over two hours before finally finding it.

Yunlong said when he found the little dog it sat alone in a corner and seemed like it was waiting to die.

Upon learning that its previous owner did not want it because it “smelled bad”, kind-hearted Yunlong took it back to Wuhan and rushed it to a vet clinic.

Picture shows the dog’s neck injury in Hubei, China, undated. It had a rope tied around its neck. (niuniuya202020/AsiaWire)

The vet removed the rope, which began to rot at that point, to reveal a painful wound underneath.

It had dug deep into the skin and exposed the flesh, which reportedly caused the animal’s head to double in size and even gave off a rancid smell.

Luckily, the little dog got the much-needed medical attention before it was too late.

With its fur carefully shaved and the wound cleaned, the pup was ready for a new start after being rejected by the old woman who first kept it.

Another piece of footage shared by its rescuers shows the swelling slightly went down as the puppy is on its way to full recovery.

Netizens later praised Yunlong for pursuing the poor dog’s case and ultimately saving it.

Footage shows the puppy with swollen head after being rescued in Hubei, China, undated. It had a rope tied around its neck. (niuniuya202020/AsiaWire)

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Story By: Simona KitanovskaSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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