Influencer And Her Stepson Share Their Wedding Images

These images show the simple plain clothes wedding of a 35-year-old influencer and her 20-year-old stepson last week.

Marina Balmasheva, 35, who hails from the western Russian region of Krasnodar Krai, lived with her husband Alexey, 45, for over 10 years before the relationship ended in divorce.

The new man in her life is her ex-husband’s 20-year-old son Vladimir ‘Voya’ Shavyrin.

The couple announced their plans to marry earlier this year and a registry office ceremony took place last week.

Credit: @marina_balmasheva/Newsflash

Marina shared images of the wedding on Instagram for her army of almost half a million followers.

In the video, the couple are seen signing the papers in the registry office in everyday clothes before sharing a tender kiss and an embrace.

The bride accompanied the video with the message: “We drove to the registry office, I didn’t even have a hairbrush with me. The rings were in the car. There was a good mood and a little embarrassment.”

Marina told Newsflash: “After the registry office, we dressed in typical wedding attire and enjoyed a nice reception at a local restaurant with several guests.”

She added that the wedding has not affected their relationship, although they both admitted that they are not speaking to her ex-husband, the groom’s father.

Marina told Newsflash: “I think he does not like what we have done.”

The bride added: “We are expecting a baby and we now want to move to a bigger city.”

Marina Balmasheva lived with her husband Alexey, 45, for over 10 years before the relationship ended in divorce.

Before they broke up, the couple adopted four children including the youngest with Down syndrome. All the other kids are currently living with Alexey after a court deprived Marina of her parental rights, according to the Russian newspaper Vesti.

She posted a photo of her holding up a pregnancy test while cuddling Vladimir on 7th June. Marina announced that they are expecting a boy on 11 July.

Marina Balmasheva has married her stepson Vladimir Shavyrin

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