Hyper High Speed Husky Dashes There And Bark

Lightning-fast pooch gets her morning ‘zoomies’ in as she zips across her owner’s living room in a viral TikTok video.

Sapphire is a Pomeranian Siberian husky crossbreed who has charmed Netizens across the globe with her high-speed antics.

The two-year-old ‘pomsky’ belongs to Sheena and Sunit Shah, a couple based in the city of San Diego in California upload videos of their four-legged friend to their TikTok account (@sapphie_the_pomsky).

One of their latest videos has caused quite a buzz on the platform, with over 12.7 million views and more than twenty thousand comments.


Entitled, ‘Just another day of my morning ZOOMIES’, the video features the young pooch running across her living room at the speed of light as if she were recalling a vivid snow-sledding memory from a past life.

One user joked: “You’re looking for a piece of paper and a pencil for your mom.”

Another added: “How the Phys Ed teacher wants you to run at 9:00 in the morning.”

In an interview with Newsflash, Sheena and Sunit, both 30, stated that the video was filmed right after a lengthy morning walk with Sapphire on Tuesday, 23rd August.

They added: “We never expected her to become this popular, but she has a way with putting a smile on everyone’s face.

“We love taking Sapphie to the dog park and the dog beach, where she loves to roam around, play, and interact with other dogs.

“We also plan dog dates with her friends.

“She is a social butterfly!”

Sheena, who works as a physician’s assistant, along with her husband, Sunit, who is a doctor, stated that the pomsky’s favourite food is from The Farmer’s Dog, which sells human grade dog food to pet owners in the USA.

They added: “We got Sapphie 2 years ago from a breeder in Ohio.

“There is never a dull moment, and we are so incredibly lucky to have her in our lives.”

When asked about the significance of Sapphire’s zoomies, the couple explained that the indoor sprints have become a part of the canine’s daily routine and that ensuring that the breed gets enough exercise is a fundamental responsibility for any pomsky pet owner.

The couple added: “Her ZOOMIES are incredible and she actually gets them every single day. We make sure to take her for plenty of walks so she gets enough exercise. She is such a happy dog with an amazing personality.”

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Story By: Alice Amelia ThomasSub-Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Newsflash

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