Huge Escalator Built On Mountain Side So Tourists Can Enjoy View

Climbing enthusiasts in China have criticised the building of an escalator complete with cooling mist that allows visitors to reach the mountaintop in minutes without breaking a sweat.

The 1,100-ft-long elevator that gently sprays a cooling mist on visitors has been installed along Tianyu Mountain in eastern Zhejiang Province.

It has only recently been unveiled after it was built last year.

The amenity has reduced what used to be a nearly one hour-long hike to a 10-minute smooth ride up the hill to enjoy the Tianyushan scenic spot.

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Tourists are then dropped off just a short distance from the mountaintop and can easily reach the peak on foot. One ticket reportedly costs only CNY 30 (GBP 3.3).

Mr Xu, head of Chun’an County Construction Group’s Urban Tourism Development Company, said: “Our initial idea was to build a cable car on the mountain.

“However, the cable car has limited transport capacity and safety risks.

“The escalator has a larger bearing capacity and is relatively safe, meeting the operational needs of the scenic area,”

Although Tianyushan’s altitude is only a little over 300 metres [980 feet], the mountain road is winding, requiring a three-kilometre [1.8-miles] walk to reach the summit, which is especially challenging for the elderly and children.

Mr Xu said: “The primary purpose of building the escalator was to let visitors, especially the elderly and children, enjoy the mountain easily.

Photo shows tourist escalators at a scenic spot in Zhejiang, China, undated. It helps people reach the summit more easily. (pingbaobei1108/AsiaWire)

“Even young people might find mountain climbing tiring.

“The scenic area wanted to make everyone’s journey easier and more convenient, allowing people to climb the mountain effortlessly while enjoying the scenery and the joy of getting close to nature.”

Similar escalators have been built along various locations including Shenxianju and Baiyun Mountain in Zhejiang Province.

Videos of these escalators shared on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, show dozens of tourists lining up along the moving walkways and seemingly enjoying the surrounding scenery as they go.

Some netizens praised the idea and said it can be advantageous.

One user titled ‘Good luck and happiness to you’ said: “Several mountains in Zhejiang have escalators, which are really friendly to elderly people travelling with their families. The elderly need this.”

Photo shows tourist escalators at a scenic spot in Zhejiang, China, undated. It helps people reach the summit more easily. (pingbaobei1108/AsiaWire)

But others strongly disapproved as it takes away the joy of climbing and ruins the natural beauty of the area.

A user titled ‘Old naughty boy’ commented: “This is destroying the scenic spot. The scenic spot should maintain its original appearance.”

And ‘Linlin’ wrote: “Climbing mountains is not interesting anymore.”

In response to the criticism, Xu said: “Taking the escalator to climb the mountain reduces the fun of mountain climbing?

“In fact, it provides visitors with another option for mountain climbing and sightseeing.

“From the current situation, it is evident many tourists choose to take the escalator.

“People who are physically unfit or do not want to climb the mountain can choose to enjoy the view at the observation platform.

“Those who want to climb the mountain can continue climbing.”

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Story By: Simona KitanovskaSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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