Gullible Fraud Victim Sues Himself As Punishment

This fraud victim is attempting to sue himself as punishment after he accidentally handed over his car to crooks.

Muharrem Ilhan from the district of Sincan in the north-western Turkish province of Ankara was left kicking himself after handing over his car to a mechanic he did not know and paying for repair works up front.

Credit: AsiaWire
Muharrem Ilhan wrote his complaint against himself and wants the state to punish him for being naive

He is now launching a lawsuit against himself after discovering that the car was stripped and sold for parts, according to local media.

Ilhan said that he hopes the legal action will punish him accordingly and help to put the matter behind him.

He added that he plans to go all the way to the supreme court if prosecutors refuse to take on the case.

Ilhan told local media: “I wanted my car repaired so I gave it to mechanics I don’t know and transferred 1,500 TRY (195 GBP), but the money allegedly did not reach them.

“I then found out that my car had been dismantled and sold for parts. I was stunned!

“I sent the money to people I thought I could trust and that my car would be fixed, but now all I have is my licence and the vehicle’s plates!”

Credit: AsiaWire
Muharrem Ilhan says that now he has remained with his driving license and his car plate only

Ilhan said that he wanted to report the crime to the authorities, but pals told him that he would never get his car back and so he decided to seek punishment against himself instead.

He said that he is too trusting, adding “I always tell myself this will be the last time”.

The former car owner claimed that even “a 10-year-old kid could easily con me”.

He told local media: “Ten years ago, I was given a ticket for not wearing my seat belt. Since then, I have never driven without it again.

“I am now suing myself. If the state tells me not to trust people, then I will learn the lesson. I am willing to accept any state punishment for my actions.”

However, when Ilhan filed the complaint against himself at the public prosecutor’s office, staff members “smiled” and rejected the claim.

Credit: AsiaWire
Muharrem Ilan also filed the complaint against him at the police station too and says that he will try the European Court of Human Rights too

He has not given up hope of learning his lesson yet, adding that he will “even hire a lawyer if I need to”.

Ilhan said: “Prosecutors refused to accept the complaint, but I will not give up until they do.”

According to local media, he also went to a police station to file a complaint against himself there too.

He has not ruled out taking the case to the European Court of Human Rights if necessary.

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Story By: Sibel AbdiuSub-EditorJoseph Golder,Agency: Asia Wire Report


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