Girl, 10, Survives After Sausage On Stick Impales Brain

This young girl survived after a sausage on a stick skewered her brain while she was jumping on a trampoline.

Zhao Tingting, 10, from the county of Badong in China’s central Hubei Province, underwent successful surgery to have the skewer removed at Yichang Central People’s Hospital on 24th February.

Credit: AsiaWire
A scan showing the bamboo skewer inside Zhao Tingting head

Her parents rushed her to a local hospital shortly after the accident happened at a playground, where the girl had been allowed to bounce on the trampoline while noshing on her sausage.

She is believed to have slipped and fallen face first onto the trampoline surface, with the impact then driving the bamboo skewer into the back of her throat.

Luo Rang, deputy chief of neurosurgery at Yichang Central People’s Hospital, said the girl arrived with the skewer having impaled nearly the entire length of her skull.

Credit: AsiaWire
The bamboo skewer measured approximately 6.9 inches

The sharp, spear-like object was resting inside her brain stem, which controls vital functions such as breathing, heartbeat and blood pressure.

An emergency team of interdepartmental experts was put together and medics performed surgery on the young patient, removing the intact skewer in a successful operation. 

A hospital statement said the girl was in stable condition but would be kept under observation as she recovers from infections and bleeding in her brain.

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Story By: Scott FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: AsiaWire


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