Freaky Tweet Predicting Kobe Bryants Death Goes Viral

Social media is abuzz after a netizen eerily predicted on Twitter back in 2012 that basketball legend Kobe Bryant would die in a helicopter crash.

According to reports, netizen ‘Noso’ has apologised to upset fans about the seven-year-old Tweet, but has refused to remove it from his timeline despite repeated requests to do.

In the Tweet from 10.32am on 13th November 2012, ‘Noso’ apparently wrote: “Kobe is going to end up dying in a helicopter crash.”

The Los Angeles Lakers legend died alongside eight others, including his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, on 26th January when the helicopter they were travelling in reportedly crashed into the side of a mountain in Calabasas near LA.

Upset fans have responded to the netizen’s post, with many debating whether ‘Noso’ could have hacked Twitter to change the date of his message.

Social media user ‘Danieljosang’ said: “It is fake! It is an Android app called Carbon V.25 that can change the date of a post! Spread it!”

‘27thOctober’ responded: “Not true… you’re confusing Twitter with Facebook. Here there’s no edit option.”

‘Aaron’ commented: “It is real, you can’t edit tweets on Twitter. It’s not possible. Only if they hacked Twitter’s system… but even then, Twitter doesn’t allow unknown access. I think he’s a time traveler!”

‘Tariq’ wrote: “This tweet is driving me insane. It is really true or could have been faked somehow? I am struggling to buy it!”

‘MerryRapier’ remarked: “In Noso’s defense, the chances of Kobe being killed in a helicopter crash were very high. He took a helicopter everywhere.”

‘Rodney Williams’ said: “Nearly eight years ago? WTF? How did I miss this tweet? The date of this post coincides with the age of Kobe’s daughter. Man, this is mind-blowing.”

Referencing the netizen’s apparent psychic skills, ‘King Colo’ wrote: “Bro, please say that I will be rich with the perfect family.”

‘BlondieWasabi’ commented: “Can you tell me when I’ll finally be happy again.”

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Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency:  Golder’s News And Sport

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