Fishermen Rescue Dolphin Family Caught In Nets On Beach

This is the moment a group of fishermen work to save a family of dolphins caught in their nets on the beach.

The startling scene was recorded by Oscar Cruz at the Praia da Torreira beach in the Mutosa area of the District of Aveiro in western Portugal.

In the video, the fishermen can be seen bringing in their net when they spot the dolphins. They then work quickly to drag the marine mammals across the sand and into the water.

The dolphins appear weak from their struggle in the net as they are battered by the waves and the crew of fishermen then bring more of the animals into the water.

Credit: Newsflash/@oscar.jardineiro

The dolphins can be seen on their sides flapping in the water as they fight against the powerful waves. The fishermen work to keep the animals in the water, dragging them by their tails off the sand and the dolphins eventually begin swimming back into deeper water.

Towards the end of the clip, a fisherman can be seen carrying one of the dolphins back into the water to ensure it does not get beached again and the mammals’ fins can be seen poking out from the sea.

Cruz told Newsflash: “It is rare for dolphins to turn up here but it happened a few years ago. When the net came out of the water, Mr Marco’s company gave an alert, cutting the net and working with his colleagues to move the dolphins, managing to save the whole family.”

Local newspaper Jornal de Noticias report Marco Silva is the owner of the fishing company which uses the traditional ‘Xavega’ or trawl fishing method where the nets are taken out to sea in a boat before being dropped and dragged back to shore.

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Story By: Alex CopeSub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash

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