First Trans Woman Makes It To Cover Of Playboy In Mexico

This is the first trans woman who has been featured on the cover of the Mexican edition of Playboy.

Mexican influencer Victoria Volkova, 27, was featured on the cover of Playboy Mexico for the November-December edition to show that “pleasure is a benefit for everyone”.

Playboy issued a statement saying: “For the first time in the history of Playboy Mexico, a trans woman appears on the cover demonstrating our brand is for sexual liberty in all of its dimensions.” (

Volkova has a Youtube channel where she boasts of 1.21 million online followers. She talks about beauty, makeup, fashion and lifestyle, including her own life experiences as a trans woman in Mexico.

Credit: Newsflash
Screenshot of the post by Playboy Mexico with Victoria Volkova

She recently made a statement giving her thanks to the magazine and says the cover “celebrates the different ways of being a woman”, as well as being beautiful and exploring your sexuality.

Volkova, who is an LGBTQ+ activist, also said she hopes the cover will help people become curious of what it means to be a trans woman in Mexico and the things they go through to “live a dignified life, to be respected” and make a living.

She adds: “This cover is also to make peace with myself. For a long time, I hated my body and I hated being a trans woman because I thought that is what made me less valuable, less deserving of love or less ‘normal’.

“But I later learned I had to accept myself before demanding others to do it because if you accept yourself first, you stop caring what others think of you.”

Credit: @vicovolkov/Newsflash
Victoria Volkova

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Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency:  Newsflash

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