Elephant Does Balancing Act On Top Of Feeder At Zoo

This is the funny moment a curious elephant uses a feeder as a balancing beam and tries to work out how to get to the other end which at one point includes going backwards.

The inquisitive elephant was filmed at the Copenhagen Zoo in the Danish capital city of Copenhagen where he is seen entertaining himself on top of a mechanism used to feed treats to the elephants.

The device is filled with food, and when the elephants push it around, the food drops out. It was not, however, intended to be used as a climbing frame.

Copenhagen Zoo Press and Communications Manager Jacob Munkholm Hoeck told Newsflash: “His name is Bully and he is three and a half years old.”

Credit: ZoologiskHave/Newsflash

The video shows the moment Bully balances himself on the feeder and slowly places his front left leg over a wooden piece of it, only to take it back.

He then starts turning around showing a funny juxtaposition of such a large animal balancing himself atop such a comparatively small surface and seemingly trying to go backwards.

After managing to turn himself without falling, Bully continues to entertain anybody watching by placing his right hind leg over the same barrier.

He holds a funny pose before placing his leg back on the feeder to balance himself. Bully takes a brief moment to collect himself and eventually walks off the feeder before going on his way as another elephant can be seen walking around.

According to the Copenhagen Zoo, the feeder is “made to be rolled around by the elephants so treats fall out”.

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Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency:  Newsflash

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