Dog-Like Hamster And His Welsh Owner Fire Up The Internet In Viral Clip

These are a few of the viral moments shared between an incredibly dog-like hamster and his adoring Welsh owner that have delighted TikTok users across the globe.

Chris Davies, 37, who hails from the city of Cardiff, in Wales, in the UK, and who works as a full-time gastroenterology nurse, is the proud owner of Popcorn Sushi, a one-year-old Syrian hamster that he purchased with his daughter, Lily, in a pet store in 2021.

Popcorn can be seen searching for a cosy spot in Chris’ jacket after realising that he has drifted off to sleep in a video from 30th June 2022. Chris told Newsflash in an exclusive interview that his daughter is know the hamster’s manager.


Chris explained: “This is what happens when I sleep around this little baby. Do you want to see? Wait for it.”

He then pretends to fall asleep as Popcorn slowly creeps up on him to see if he is still awake.

Chris goes on to ask: “What do you think he will do? Escape? Run off? Oh no no.”

“He doesn’t go anywhere without me, he’s not a normal hamster, he cuddles in until I wake up.”

The video clocked up over 11.9 million views on TikTok and received 14.8k comments.

User ‘TaniaMehle22’ cheekily responded, “If I was the hamster, I’d cuddle with him as well.”

While netizen ‘emily a’ wrote: “I would take a bullet for him.”

In a second video, Chris shows us how Popcorn can go from tortoise to ninja in a millisecond while in a third clip, Chris teases the hamster as he tries to steal his owner’s snacks, causing the tiny creature to feel, “genuinely confuzzled.”

Speaking to Newsflash, Chris explained that Lily, aged 9, went on to name Popcorn and is very proud of her furry friend. He said: “He now has over 100k followers and over 7.3 million likes.

“Not bad for a hamster that was GBP 10 in a major pet store.”

Chris told Newsflash that he has developed an unexpected and unique bond with Popcorn despite the fact that he bought the hamster for his daughter.

He said: “I never dreamed I would develop such a bond with a rodent, that he would choose us like he has. It’s been surreal. Once I started to know him. He became attached like a dog. The rest is history. It’s very unusual.

“We spend time with him every night when we can, we give him treats, build a bond with him and sleeps/chills with us like a dog!”

When asked about Popcorn’s eating preferences, Chris explained that the hamster’s favourite foods are broccoli and banana.

He said: “What makes him different to other hamsters is he’s loyal, extremely tame, likes to sit with you, be with you, and he has an attachment to us we never expected for a hamster.”

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Story By: Alice Amelia ThomasSub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

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